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The dental habits that we pick up during childhood affect us well into adulthood, stemming to the importance of a pediatric dentist in Natick, MA. That is why it is important that children visit a pediatric dentist in Natick, MA to get pediatric dental care as early and as regularly as possible. A child’s dental needs are vastly different than that of an adult’s, and only a pediatric dentist in Natick, MA can address those needs. Any pediatric dentist in Natick, MA will be highly trained in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of any of the following dental problems common in children and babies:

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay or Early Childhood Caries (ECC) – Pediatric Dentist Natick MA

Baby bottle tooth decay is tooth decay in babies, caused by too much sugar in milk or formula. Luckily, with regular checkups, a pediatric dentist in Natick, MA can help parents detect tooth decay before it turns into bigger problems, such as chronic pain and crooked adult teeth. The pediatric dentist in Natick, MA also offers parents advice on how to continue the treatment for baby bottle tooth decay at home.

Thumb-Sucking – Pediatric Dentist Natick MA

Though thumb-sucking is a habit that offers comfort for children, your pediatric dentist in Natick, MA knows that it will lead to dental problems in the future. Your pediatric dentist in Natick, MA will tell you that thumb-sucking will push your child’s permanent teeth out of alignment and may cause speech problems. The only solution that a pediatric dentist in Natick, MA can give for thumb-sucking is giving positive reinforcement to encourage your child to stop the habit.

Deposits on Teeth – Pediatric Dentist Natick MA

Poor oral hygiene can result in deposits on your child’s teeth. Your pediatric dentist in Natick, MA will identify those deposits as plaque and tartar. Regular brushing can remove plaque, but your pediatric dentistry in Natick, MA has to remove the tartar through scaling. Your pediatric dentist in Natick, MA will suggest that you supervise your children’s brushing habits.

Early Tooth Loss – Pediatric Dentist Natick MA

Sometimes, your child’s baby tooth comes out earlier than intended. This is usually because of tooth decay, lack of jaw space, or injury. Your pediatric dentist in Natick, MA can recommend a space maintainer, a device that holds open the space left by a missing tooth. Your pediatric dentist in Natick, MA will remove the device once the permanent tooth has erupted.

Over-Retained Primary Teeth – Pediatric Dentist Natick MA

When a primary tooth is still in place while a permanent tooth is about to erupt, your pediatric dentist in Natick, MA may have to extract the primary tooth. Your pediatric dentistry in Natick, MA can monitor the growth of your child’s teeth with regular checkups.

Sensitive Teeth – Pediatric Dentist Natick MA

Children’s teeth have thinner enamel than adult teeth. A pediatric dentist in Natick, MA would likely apply sealants to strengthen your child’s enamel. If a cavity is present, your pediatric dentistry in Natick, MA may suggest fillings.

Gum Disease – Pediatric Dentist Natick MA

Too much plaque and tartar can cause gums to get swollen and red. If left untreated by a pediatric dentist in Natick, MA, it can lead to tooth loss and bone damage. Your pediatric dentist in Natick, MA will insist that prevention is key, which is why regular checkups are necessary. Your pediatric dentist in Natick, MA can treat mild gum disease with professional cleanings.

Dental Anxiety – Pediatric Dentist Natick MA

Any pediatric dentist in Natick, MA has been specially trained to create a welcoming atmosphere for children. A good pediatric dentist in Natick, MA will know how to explain dental procedures to your child. Clinics like Pediatric Dental of Wayland utilize many techniques that can calm down your child and allow them to have positive experiences in the dentist chair. Your pediatric dentist in Natick, MA should be like that. (Link “Pediatric Dental of Wayland” to

Take Your Child to a Pediatric Dentist in Natick, MA Today!

The state of your children’s teeth is important. Regular checkups with your pediatric dentistry in Natick, MA are needed to prevent the development of these diseases. Visit a pediatric dentistry in Natick, MA that can give your child the dental practice that he/she needs. Need more tips on how to calm a child’s pre-appointment anxieties? read here:

Pediatric Dental of Wayland – Pediatric Dentist Natick MA

Even at a young age, a child should be taught proper dental hygiene practices. If a child’s oral health is neglected, he/she may face dental decay and disease that can cause pain and complications in the future. Make sure that your child get the dental treatment they need by visiting Pediatric Dental of Wayland. Our Natick dentistry offers a variety of dental services in Natick, MA that will keep your children’s teeth and gums healthy and disease-free. Count on our Natick, MA dentistry to teach your kids how to practice oral health habits.

Pediatric Dentistry – Pediatric Dentist Natick MA

Help your kids keep their teeth clean and healthy by bringing them over to Pediatric Dental of Wayland. Our Natick, MA dentistry offer dental services for kids, from infancy throughout their teen years. Come to us for thorough oral examinations, preventive practice, and emergency treatments. Our Natick, MA dentistry recognizes that your child’s initial experience in the dentist’s office is just as important as the care he or she receives. Put your faith in our Natick team, and we’ll make sure that your child’s visits to the dentist will be a fun and positive experience.

First Visit in Natick, MA – The best time to take your child to the dentist is when his/her first tooth has erupted. Your kid’s first visit will include an oral examination. Depending on the child’s age, our Natick, MA dentistry may do teeth cleaning, fluoride treatment, and digital X-rays. Preventive treatments may also be recommended. Our Natick, MA dentistry will do our best to address whatever concerns you may have about your child’s oral health

Preventive Care in Natick, MA – Once your child turns three years old, our local Natick, MA dentistry will start providing treatments that will help your kids avoid potential dental problems. Our offered preventive services include:

  • Digital Dental X-Rays
  • Teeth Cleaning and Flossing
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Dental Sealants
  • Instructions on Proper Brushing and Flossing
  • Counseling on Proper Nutrition and Dietary Habits
  • Guidance of Erupting Teeth

Emergency Treatment in Natick, MA – A dental emergency can strike at any moment. Our office makes sure to make time for urgent cases. When your child has a fractured tooth or severe pain in his or her mouth, reach out to us for emergency treatment. One of our dentists or orthodontists in Natick is on call at all times. No matter what your dental emergency may be, we’ll make sure to treat it quickly and effectively.

Orthodontic Treatment – Pediatric Dentist Natick MA

Through our orthodontic services, our Natick dentistry helps kids and adults make improvements to their smiles. You can count on our orthodontists to diagnose, prevent, and treat any teeth and jaw growth discrepancies you may have. When you need any orthodontic treatments, please visit our Weston location. (Link “orthodontic treatments” to

Brush Floss Program for Kids – Pediatric Dentist Natick MA

At Pediatric Dental of Wayland, our Natick dentists are passionate about teaching kids to practice proper oral health habits. Our Natick, MA dentistry encourage parents to take their kids to the dentist by the time their kids turn one year old because doing so will help the child develop healthy dental practices even at an early age.

Since our Natick, MA dentistry wants to promote the right oral hygiene habits to as many kids as possible, we created the Brush Floss Program. This is an outreach program where our hygienists visit local schools, day cares, and even girl scouts/boy scouts troops to discuss the importance of oral health practice and regular visits to the dentist. Our Natick, MA dentistry also teaches kids how to practice brushing and flossing properly using a dental puppet.

Through this program, our Natick, MA dentistry hopes to encourage more families to be mindful of their dental hygiene practices. If you want us to bring our Brush Floss Program for Kids to your school or organization, reach out to us through our website today! (Link “website” to

Trust Us With Your Children’s Dental Health Needs – Pediatric Dentist Natick MA

When it comes to dental health, no one is better than Pediatric Dental of Wayland. Our Natick, MA dentistry has made it our mission to provide families with the highest standard of pediatric dental and orthodontic care. You may request an appointment with us by calling our number (508) 358-2200 or through our email