As a parent, we know you would rather prevent a dental problem for your children than treat one. We offer several types of treatment designed to keep your children’s teeth and gums healthy and disease-free.

  • preventive-pediatric-dentistry Fluoride – Inhibits the demineralization of healthy enamel and enhances the re- mineralization of demineralized enamel. Topical treatments are particularly effective in reducing caries in children at caries risk.
  • Dental sealants – Toothbrushes can’t reach all the way into the depressions and grooves of the teeth’s biting surfaces to remove all food and plaque. Sealants create a barrier for those surfaces to help keep them cavity-free.
  • Counseling on proper nutrition and dietary habits.
  • Proper brushing and flossing instruction.
  • Guidance of erupting teeth – directing tooth eruption can improve orthodontic treatment results and can prevent the need for tooth extraction or more serious orthodontic treatment in the future.


X-rays are helpful diagnostic tools that we recommend once a child is age 4. We take four X-rays to view different areas of the mouth.

digital xray

We understand concerns about radiation, and we take the following precautions to minimize exposure:

  • We only use digital equipment
  • Use of lead apron with a thyroid collar
  • Use of sensors that require roughly 1/10 of the radiation dose required for film
  • Take a minimum number of X-rays to get necessary view

The American Dental Association recommends X-rays every two years for children who are not prone to cavities, and one to two times annually for children with high caries risk to monitor any new cavity progression.

Custom Athletic Mouth Guards

We fabricate custom made athletic mouth guards for our patients. A custom fitted mouth guard will allow the child to breath and speak easier, thus enabling them to wear it more to prevent injury and concussion.